martes, 21 de junio de 2016


Once again, The Big Challenge prize-giving ceremony was celebrated in our school with great success.One of our students in 1st year of ESO, AROA SÁNCHEZ JIMÉNEZ got the highest score in the province of Guadalajara (¡Primer puesto de la provincia entre 180 participantes!) She received a big cup for ther triumph and other wonderful presents including The Big Challenge T-shirt.

Other students got very high scores in the province too:

SARA LÓPEZ DÍAZ  (2º  ESO) got the 4th place in the province.
FABIÁN SÁNCHEZ GARCÍA  (1º ESO) got the 7th place in the province.
 PAULA SERRANO GARCÍA (2º ESO) got the 7th place in the province.
ALIA LEGLIFA EL HASNAOUI (3º ESO) got the 14th place in the province.

Thanks to all the participants  for your hard work, training and enthusiasm!!
We'll continue participating next year!!

The prizes for the literary contest The Book You Would Like to Read were also given according to the students  previous votes. The winners are:
 Aroa Sánchez Jiménez y Carla Nevado Álvarez (1º ESO)
 Mario Muñoz y Celesthe Entrena (2º ESO)
 Pablo Rasskin, Ian Sánchez, Carolina Toledano y Teo Batanero (3º ESO) 
 Marta Pérez González-Carvajal y Olivia García Cámara (4º ESO).

And with this good news we want to wish a good summer to all our students and teachers.

martes, 7 de junio de 2016


The Big Challenge prize-giving ceremony will be held on 

Tuesday 21st June  

 in room A027 at the break time

All the participants will get a certificate and a small gift. Don't miss it!!

The winners of  "The Book You Would Like to Read" contest will also be given their prizes. Remember: June 21st at the break time!!

lunes, 11 de abril de 2016


The next film we are going to project is a hilarious comedy about being stuck in time, on just one day, and that day turns out to be 2nd February , Groundhog Day, and the place is Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where the major celebrations of this particular day take place.

How would Phil Connors escape from this terrible situation? Could he recover his 
previous life or will have to live Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney for ever? What will 
he find out about life and repeated experiences?

¿Qué hariáis si tuvieráis que vivir el mismo día una y otra vez? ¿Intentariáis hacer 
cosas mejores o simplemente divertiros puesto que no hay día de mañana? A estos y  
otros dilemas se enfrentará nuestro protagonista, el hombre del tiempo Phil Connors 
en la pequeña localidad de Punxsutawney, donde todos los años se celebra el día de 
la  marmota.

Don't miss this extraordinary film about repeating experiences in life, you will have a great time! Remember:

WEDNESDAY 4th MAY at 5 PM in Room A027

Os esperamos el miércoles 4 de mayo a las 5 de la tarde en el aula A027

lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016


Next month, we are going to celebrate Women's Interantional Day, which is held on March 8th, with a talk on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, as she is the longest reigning queen and also monarch in the history of UK.

Thanks to our student of 3rd year of ESO, Alia, we will learn new things about this woman that has been in the British throne for 64 years!!


Martes 8 de marzo en el recreo. Aula A027

We would also like to suggest an activity in English organised by the UNED in Guadalajara.

THURSDAY 10th MARCH, Emmet Fletcher from the European Space Agency (EAS) will give the lecture: "Gravity, the real face of space debris". We highly recommend it for our students of Bachillerato.

Thursday 10th March, 7 pm. Sala Multiusos del Centro San José

domingo, 24 de enero de 2016



A gripping biopic based on the life of the Mathematics Cambridge Professor Allan Turing, the creator of artificial intelligence, who helped to decipher the secret codes used by the Nazi communication machine called Enigma during World War II.

La película tuvo 8 nominaciones a los Oscars y se llevó la estatuilla al mejor guión adaptado. La interpretación de Benedict Cumberbatch fue aclamadísima por la crítica y estuvo nominado tanto al Oscar como al Globo de Oro como actor principal.

Come to learn about the life of the man who changed the entire world by opening the door to computering and modern technology. You can't miss his interesting and at the same time tragic life. As it is said in the film :

 Sometimes it's the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.

Wednesday 17th February at 5 pm . Room A027

Miércoles 17 de febrero a las 17 horas . Aula A027

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015


Here you are some of the pictures taken in our Halloween celebration. We learnt a bit more about the origin and history of this mainly American festivity and also our PE teacher, Jaime, who lived in the US for some time, told us how he celebrated it there and the funny tricks he and his friends thought of in order to scare people.  It was great fun!!

martes, 20 de octubre de 2015


We are in October and frightening Halloween is approaching.
Are you interested in knowing more about the origin of this scary Anglosaxon celebration? 

Come to room A027 on October 29th at break time.

There will be a quiz and some prizes for the winners and for
 those wearing a terrifying outfit, black or Gothic clothes etc.

Don't forget!  Thursday  OCTOBER 29TH

Recordad:  El jueves 29 de Octubre en el recreo en el aula A027.

¡Y no olvidéis traer alguna prenda negra, gótica o que de miedo!